Maple Pub Menu

Pub Menu

Enjoy our Wasabi Peanuts

Flat Bread Pizza- pub made sauce, fresh mozzarella with your choice of toppings: pepperoni, spicy sausage, green onion or black olives    $9.00

Bone out Wings-  spicy honey sriracha sauce or our mild Jack Daniels BBQ sauce    $11.00

Parmesan Bruschetta–  with red onion and red wine soup dip     $7.50

Wisconsin Aged Cheese and Meats    $9.25

Fry Bread and Rice    $4.00

Pub Chips with Wasabi dip    $4.00

Cheese Fondue-  with vegetables and bread    $7.00

Pan Fried Tail-On Spiced Shrimp-  with paprika mayonnaise    $8.75

Salads – Full/Half

Grilled Wedge Salad – traditional with crumpled blu cheese dressing and bacon    $10/$6

Menominee Salad-  roasted blu cheese and blackened corn salad     $12/$7

Grilled Chicken Salad with Truffle Oil     $13/$8


 All sandwiches served with Maple Pub fries, homemade chips or a small house salad

Grilled Panini- Steak $12 / Chicken $9 / Veggie $8 – traditional with a smoked maple and aioli sauce

Steak Sandwich-  Portuguese style thinly sliced marinated steak with onion and red pepper    $13.00

Stout beef burger- bacon, egg, beets, cheese and our homemade Jack Daniels BBQ sauce    $12.00

Grilled Pub Chicken Sandwich- mushrooms, aioli – on brioche bun    $10.00


All entrees include a choice of two sides

Fried Marinated Monk Fish-  marinated in adobo and deep fried in cottonseed & canola oil    $18.00

Filet Steak 5 ½ oz. w/ Mushroom & Woodford Whiskey sauce    $21.00

Pork Skewers w/ Mustard Cream Sauce- drizzled with sauce and served over a lettuce wedge    $19.00

Filet Mignon 5 ½ oz.  w/ Roast Garlic butter- marinated and grilled with bacon to temp    $21.00    

Ask about our Daily Chef Special    $25.00

Sides: Maple Pub Fries or Chips / Wild Rice Risotto / Potato Salad with Green Olives, Shallots and Sweet Herbs / Wild Rice and Vegetable / Rum and Maple Mashed Sweet Potato


Bourbon & raisin pudding w/ butterscotch sauce- served with heavy cream    $7.00

Apple & Cheddar Pie    $5.00

Daily Specials in all categories with limited availability